vogue crafted

Embracing the elegance of nature and warm finishes in this relaxing Mid-Century Modern sanctuary.
This Vogue Crafted room aims to create a chic, rugged, modern sanctuary using wood and natural elements. The space exudes a mid-century modern charm with its tasteful light fixtures and furniture, complemented by richly crafted wood tones and warm browns. It boasts built-in storage that serves as a wine and coffee bar, perfect for entertaining in the evening or unwinding in the morning. This multi-use space is adorned with the deep and warm hues of our Coffee Break paint, creating an inviting atmosphere. Natural textures in the form of plants and a plush rug further enhance the room’s coziness, while photographs and nature-inspired elements add a personal touch, making it a comfortable retreat for all.

(Gold) Jarrett Reverse Raised Panel in Coffee Break on maple

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