Stoney Brooke Collection

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Hand-applied character:

Semi-transparent stain
Multiple glaze layers


Embrace the warmth and freshness of the outdoors by designing with natural light in mind. Large windows illuminate a palette of humble, organic finishes in a soft Scandinavian-inspired design. Nature-inspired accents like fur and antlers play off the rustic texture of Stoney Brooke Cobblestone as well.

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Let your individuality shine by showcasing the people, places, and things you love. This space brings family memories to the fore by showcasing every sentimental photo and treasured heirloom. Antique-look textures, leather accents, warm shades, and comfortable materials come together to create a nostalgia-lover’s paradise.


Designs inspired by nature don’t always have to be neutral! Combining a textured gray finish with rich, dark hues calls to mind the elegance of Old Hollywood as well as opulent historic homes. Accents of velvet as well as plenty of sparkle and shine play off the dark and rustic elements to keep the design feeling luxe.


Renew body and mind by designing a comfortable space of true serenity with soft, subdued shades. The soft tan and green painted finishes reflect the tranquility of sea and sky, and the Stoney Brooke Boulder finish recalls worn driftwood and calming ocean waves. Sprinkle in decor and home goods with stress-relief properties to add to a restorative, rejuvenating atmosphere.