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Blog: Spring Awakening: It’s Time to Get Organized

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Just outside our windows, the vibrant hues of spring are beginning to arrive. It’s a time of renewal and rejuvenation—and a time to refresh our homes from the inside out. Even if the snow was a no-show in many areas of the country, homeowners are ready to bid farewell to winter, and to the clutter and chaos that may have accumulated over the colder months.

Spring cleaning isn’t just a chore – it’s an opportunity to reset and reorganize living spaces for greater efficiency and peace of mind, and a chance to take the task at hand beyond just cleaning. Whether embarking on a full-scale remodel or simply seeking to tidy up a busy living space, incorporating storage and organization options into your designs is essential.

This is particularly true in the busiest rooms of the home, where every inch of space matters. High-use and high-traffic, these spaces require a bit more ingenuity to achieve organizing tranquility. Thankfully, with time comes experience, and we’ve learned how to take on the most problematic common home items and difficult organizing challenges to create whole-home design solutions.

In the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, here are a few Medallion favorites that could help save your clients’ sanity season after season.

Kitchen – The heart of the home, where organization is mostly about countertop reclamation. Sure, most of us have always kept cooking knives, paper towels, and oft-used seasonings out in the open – but with items like Medallion’s Multi-Tier Spice Rack, Pull-Out Paper Towel Holder, Pull-Out Knife and Canister Holder, and more, there’s a better way.

And as we all know, there’s more to clean up than just cookware. Whether it’s tucking away the trash bin or giving mobile devices their own place to recharge out of sight, removing countertop clutter and generating extra floor space are never a bad idea.

Expand the prep area for adventurous cooking or just create a little extra room to roam by adding these exciting solutions to your next kitchen design.

Bath and Laundry – Got ideas for other organizing opportunities? Innovation knows no bounds. For example, imagine our Bake Center with Pocket Doors artfully positioned in the laundry room; or consider a bathroom upgrade with Medallion’s Tiered Roll-Out Trays, designed to accommodate the varying sizes of soaps, lotions, towels, and more. If you or your client has a vision, there’s room to Dream Beyond.

Spring cleaning and organization are about more than mere tidiness – your design efforts can promote efficiency and give your clients a greater sense of control within their homes. With so many possibilities, we’re sure Medallion can help you find a space for anything. This spring let’s get off to a fresh start.


Wall Cabinet with Pull-down Shelf

Tiered Pots and Pans Pull-out Organizer

Deep Drawer Divider System

Base Cabinet with Tiered Storage

Knife Drawer Organizer


Base Cabinet with Hamper

Base Cabinet with Organizers

Sink Base Cabinet with Organizers

Bath Drawer Organizer

Pull-out Step Stool Cabinet

See more organizational options and ideas on the storage solutions pages of our website.