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Right Angle Kitchens (shared on Houzz)

Rating:  ★★★★★
Review:  As professionals who has been working with Medallion Cabinetry for over a decade, we are confident our clients will have a beautiful, functional kitchen when purchasing Medallion cabinetry. It truly takes a team when renovation and we’re happy to have Medallion on our side. Thank you!



Kelly “KC” Chandler, Kitchen Designer (shared on Kitchen Reviews)

Rating:  ★★★★★
Review:  I am a 62 year old kitchen designer, selling primarily Medallion cabinets at Builders First Source store in Fergus Falls MN. I have a 26 year background in manufacturing, and I have extensive experience with quality control, quality improvement, process improvement, etc. I have toured the Medallion factory in Waconia Minnesota, and I was very impressed with their system of process, and quality control. This makes me wonder why there are so many negative reviews. I actually feel terrible for each and every person that is having a bad experience, since it is so much the complete opposite of what I deal with on a daily basis. My sales representative never fails to answer his phone or call me back within a reasonable time frame. My customer service rep at the factory, Miranda, is an absolute sweetheart, and responds immediately and professionally, and never questions any issue that might come up. Of course any company that is producing a large product, putting it in a box, and shipping it across country could and will have occasional issues, and it is how they handle that issue that should be how they are ultimately viewed. I am wondering what percentage of the cabinets that have negative reviews came from a purchase made at a box store, ie. Menards, or Home Depot? Since I am in the lumber yard industry, I will tell you that many products that are made for the box stores are made differently than for other markets. Its true. You would think however that if they were going to make a cheaper product, they wouldn’t want their name on it! That “Larson” store door at HD that looks identical to the one that I get $75.00 more for? Not the same product inside. That said – if you get cabinets that do not have a finished end where one belongs, that is on your sales person, not the factory. Missing doors? Damage? I do not know what to say, other than that I sell a lot of cabinets, and I just have not see it from Medallion. FYI – I am very picky and I have high expectation for my customers, who have trusted me to get their kitchen “right”. Deal with an independent shop and spend a lot of time going over the drawing with your sales person. I’m telling you, when I call my rep or customer service person with any kind of issue, even if it isn’t Medallions fault, they are very responsive, and do anything they can to help. When I say that I am referring to the occasional installer goof up, freight damaged cabinet, etc. Good luck all.



Dan W, Manufacturers’ Sales Representative (shared on Kitchen Cabinets Reviews)

Rating:  ★★★★★
Review:  I have been representing Medallion cabinetry for almost 20 years. Medallion has the most options for finish and customization in the semi-custom category. In my honest opinions it has the best finish as well. Sure you might say I have a biased opinion, but there is a Medallion kitchen in my house, my dads house, my sisters house, my mother in laws house, and my cousins new office, along with several friends kitchens. I recommend these cabinets to all my family and friends which should be the bar for every product.



Allura Bath & Kitchen Center Inc (shared on Houzz)

Rating:  ★★★★★
Review: I have been using Medallion Cabinetry for 15 years now and am extremely satisfied with everything. The Gold and Silverline have amazing finishes that my customers love as well as so many customizable options to design an amazing custom kitchen. We have never had an issue that Medallion would not help us fix. We enjoy working with Medallion and love the product they offer!



Hermitage Kitchen Design Gallery (shared on Houzz)

Rating:  ★★★★★
Review: We have had the pleasure of working with Medallion Cabinetry for more than three years. They offer plenty of colors and styles and keep up with industry trends. Their customer service is great and are always easy to get into contact with. We look forward to continue using Medallion Cabinetry in the future for our cabinetry needs.



Cherry Creek, Inc. (shared on Houzz)

Rating:  ★★★★★
Review: Medallion Cabinetry has been a valued partner for 10+ years. The cabinetry is gorgeous and the finishes are state of the art. If there are ever any issues, the company has always stood behind the product and resolves issues in a timely manner.



Kitchen & Bath Source (shared on Houzz)

Rating:  ★★★★★
Review: We at Kitchen & Bath Source are Extremely Satisfied with the Quality of Products produced from Medallion Cabinetry, also there Friendly Staff and Excellent Service.



Advance Design Studio, Ltd. (shared on Houzz)

Rating:  ★★★★★
Review: We have been a dealer for Medallion Cabinetry for almost a decade. With the wide variety of products that Medallion creates, we always have many beautiful options at our fingertips to share with our clients. Medallion cabinetry is featured in many of the beautiful home projects done by Advance Design Studio, Ltd. over the years, and we hope to continue our relationship with Medallion into the future.



Granite State Cabinetry (shared on Houzz)

Rating:  ★★★★★
Review: Medallion Cabinetry provides fashion, function, and durability at a great value. The box construction and fine furniture quality finish make this line our workhorse for many applications. Offering a wide variety of door styles and finishes, Medallion customers have many choices at affordable pricing.



High Country Kitchens (shared on Houzz)

Rating:  ★★★★★
Review: As a dealer in Golden, Colorado, we have had great experiences with Medallion Cabinetry. Medallion provides a wonderful product with a budget that can be met for not only kitchens, but for the whole house! They provide a wide variety of door styles, colors, and features that appeal to many of our clients. We highly recommend Medallion on a daily basis.



William Jackson Inc. (shared on Houzz)

Rating:  ★★★★★
Review: We have been a Medallion dealer in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area now for over 10 years. The product and service that Medallion has provided is far superior to that of any cabinet line we have had. Our customer service representatives have always been friendly, knowledgeable, and continue to provide us with any information we need. The product speaks for itself and has become our top selling line for many years. Our customers consistently comment on the superior construction, features, choices, and warranty that is associated with all of the Medallion series.



Jonathan R, Manufacturers’ Sales Representative

Rating:  ★★★★★
Review:  I’ve sold these cabinets off and on for almost ten years now. They offer more customization at their price point than any of their competitors. Their finish is the best by far at their price point and has been greatly improved over the past two years. Many of the complaints I see are the responsibility of the person at the local dealer/contractor who sold or installed the cabinets. They aren’t perfect because real American workers make these cabinets. But they are always willing to correct issues and work to rush things as quickly as possible for cabinets with this level of customization. And they use almost all domestically sourced materials (American made) compared to their competitors that source the majority of their components from China and merely assemble the cabinets here.


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