It’s a fact, certain SKUs and accessories keep turning up in your designs. They are customer favorites that you often enhance with additional features or modifications to add to their usefulness or design.

To make your life easier, Medallion offers one-click SKUs for popular modifications on predetermined cabinets. Working these items into your designs is a win/win. You save time when placing orders, and most modifications are factory installed so you (and your customers) save time and money on installations. Here are a few of the most popular one-click SKUs that you’ll want to share with your customers.

Look for the  in your specifications manual.

Jodi Tramontin


About our Designer
Jodi Tramontin is a NKBA Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer. She has more than 24 years of experience in the interior design industries for kitchen and bath. Jodi has spent the last 14 years focusing on training and mentoring kitchen and bath designers throughout the United States and Canada. She has conducted training for Home Depot, the NKBA, along with StarMark, Fieldstone and Dura Supreme cabinetry brands.

Stacked Wall Cabinet: 12″ Deep

For rooms with taller ceilings, stacked cabinets are an easy way to maximize space and add interest within the design.

With Medallion’s stacked wall cabinet one-click SKU, you place one cabinet into the design, but have the appearance of two cabinets. Our stacked cabinets come standard with a fixed floor and intermediate rail. This is a stylish option when the upper cabinets are intended for display or your customer wants to add glass inserts, mullions or lighting.

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Medallion’s stacked cabinets are available in the following heights: 48″, 51″ and 54″ with a 15″ high upper section, and 57″ and 60″ with an 18″ high upper section.

Additional door hardware gives the appearance of two cabinets.


The sink mat protects the cabinet floor from leaks.

Get smart when it comes to maximizing the space under your sink with our Smart Sink Base Cabinet.
This one-click SKU is available two ways:

  • With a sink mat.
  • With a sink mat and two door organizers.

The sink mat is made up of dimples designed to trap liquid, protecting the floor of the cabinet from spills and leaks. The door racks are ideal for keeping cleaning products and tools handy. Both the sink mat and door organizers can be ordered separately, and are great additions to a bathroom vanity or a wet bar cabinet.





What could be more user friendly than a trash cabinet that opens with a simple touch of the hand, hip, knee or foot? No need to free up your hands or spread unnecessary germs! Just tap the cabinet and let the electrical driven device do all the work. The trash cabinet is one of the heaviest used cabinets in the entire kitchen, so why not create less work for your customers? Trash and recycling disposal is important to every kitchen and the automated drive trash cabinet will create added convenience for all customers.

A GFCI electrical outlet is required to provide power to the factory-installed device. This cabinet is available in two configurations; a standard drawer over the door and a full-height door. Both options are available with either one or two baskets. The two basket option allows for both waste and recycling in the same cabinet. Our drawer option has a fixed floor between the drawer and door, from the front to the back of the cabinet, in order to contain trash odors. This means the drawer can be confidently used to store cutlery or food storage bags.

Set yourself apart from other designers by sharing the Medallion video for this product with customers. Standard features include:

  • Leaning protection to prevent unintentional opening.
  • Auto open feature stops if resistance is encountered.
  • Integrated dripping water protection to prevent water damage to the electrical device.
Watch how a simple touch makes life easier in the kitchen.