Quiet Contemporary

Apollo full overlay door in Dockside on cherry and Sandpiper Classic, with Carlton oil-rubbed bronze and Clear glass

With pleasing minimalism, this space combines contemporary and classic elements for a comfortably modern feel. The contemporary-slab style Apollo door subtly recalls beloved Shaker shapes as well. Clean lines and color blocking complement the countertop’s organic pattern. Uniquely artisan accessories harmonize with sleek contemporary fixtures and oil-rubbed bronze accent doors. An earthy palette of muted tones softens the room and brings quiet harmony to the space.

A substantial box hood and the island’s chunky furniture legs add weight and balance the minimalist aspects of the design. Taller crown molding options are now available in select profiles to accommodate higher ceilings in new and remodeled homes. Large appliances allow the at-home gourmand to create culinary delights and entertain with ease.