Using multiple door styles in a design is now easier than ever with Medallion® Cabinetry’s new door styling options available in Gold. Medallion recently introduced our Pick a Panel option for 28 door styles that are considered “families.” The doors have different center panels but, as with any family, share certain characteristics such as stile and rail sizes.

About our Designer
Jodi Tramontin is a National Kitchen & Bath Association Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer. She has more than 24 years of experience in the interior design and kitchen and bath industries. Jodi has spent the last 14 years focusing on training and mentoring kitchen and bath designers throughout the United States and Canada. She had conducted training for Home Depot, the National Kitchen & Bath Association, along with StarMark, Fieldstone and Dura Supreme cabinetry brands.

Maintaining Consistency in Design

The most common application of using multiple door styles is to combine both a raised panel and reverse raised/flat panel in one design. Often, this is seen in designs that have an island or furniture piece added to the space to emphasize the focal point.

“The days when everything had to match are long gone; it’s good to mix things up!”

Another example of how this can be useful is for price point management in a larger home project. For example, if our kitchen perimeter uses Brookhill flat panel maple in Divinity Classic paint; Price Group 2, plus the finish premium (compared to Brookhill reverse raised panel, which is Price Group 4), then we could use Brookhill raised panel cherry Chestnut on the island for the accent; Price Group 4, and no finish premium.

As we design the bathrooms, entertainment center and entry locker room with boot benches, we have the flexibility to change the center panel to beaded with a glaze and highlight for a specialty look, while maintaining an overall consistency throughout the home.

Personalization in Designs

The days when everything had to match are long gone; it’s good to mix things up! Trends are indicating that homeowners are looking for personalization in their designs, and this is one more way Medallion Cabinetry can provide you with an edge over the competition. Try working with a door family, whether it’s one room or a whole house. It will definitely make your design get noticed.


Devonshire Raised Panel in Cherry Peppered Appaloosa (island), Devonshire Reverse Raised Panel in Cherry Peppered Appaloosa (hood wall) and Devonshire Flat Panel in Maple Amaretto (pantry and oven cabinets)

Key considerations:

  • Available for Gold only.
  • Rail and stile sizing has been standardized.
  • Drawer front center panel matches door style center panel (i.e. beaded panel door = beaded panel drawer front), unless otherwise indicated in spec book. Refer to individual spec book pages for door and drawer front rules.
  • Twenty-eight door styles available (eight specialty doors not included – Bahamas, Bella, Cheyenne, Gable, Glenwood, Piccadilly, Trinity and Yukon).
  • Winslow is not available with a raised center panel.