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Inspired escapism. As a design trend, Romancing Nature encapsulates a yearning for a simpler, more picturesque existence where nature’s beauty intertwines with curated modern living.

Rooted in and influenced by trends like English Country and Cottagecore, Romancing Nature aims to transform spaces into idyllic sanctuaries saturated with both nostalgic nods and contemporary social media appeal. It’s a trend that satisfies the desire to be both seen and unseen, with unique flourishes designed to gain attention, and gentle tones that evoke optimism. Think door style choices that add depth, character, and shadow—such as inset or reverse raised options—set against nature-inspired greens, pinks, blues, and even shades like coral.

Romancing Nature celebrates the fusion of Victorian and natural aesthetics, with floral patterns prevalent in wall coverings and textiles, and the use of marble, natural wood, and farmhouse-inspired furnishings.

(Silverline) Walton in Gray Owl and Celeste, Winston in Smoke Ebony Highlight on hickory

(Platinum) Osborn in Pistachio on maple


Seen here, we’ve taken elements from our Medallion portfolio to create a timeworn, yet modern on-trend look in the form of a second kitchen, butler’s pantry, or adjacent entertainment area. Featuring our Pistachio finish on the inset shiplap panel Osborn door, plus custom touches like glass inserts, corbels, and brass fixtures, this space oozes personality. Add in our Sink Base with Pull-Out Drawer, ceiling-height cabinets, extended counter space, and a handy wine fridge, and this design serves up ample functionality as well.

Brookhill Flat Panel in Buckskin Appaloosa on cherry




In other applications, some homeowners seeking this look may lean toward one end or the other of the classic versus contemporary Romancing Nature chronology. Medallion door styles like Brookhill, with its varying panel options, the reverse raised Ellison, or the flat panel Mission door in unique and comforting colors such as Bayleaf, Irish Crème, and Caribou can help move the needle; adding a technique like Appaloosa, seen here with Buckskin, can move it even further.

An idealized synthesis of past and present, Romancing Nature’s delicate hues and refined rustic stylings present contemporary life through an enchanting lens. Medallion can help you apply this trend’s tranquil aesthetic to your next great design.