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When embarking on a kitchen project, you’ll make scores of design decisions before your vision is complete. But among the myriad and seemingly endless choices, choosing the right door style for the cabinetry can be one of the most important.

The look of cabinet doors holds a transformative power, capable of reshaping the entire aesthetic of the space. Fortunately, Medallion offers a diverse range of door styles and panels in a variety of materials and wood species, allowing you to choose more freely.

Below we serve up an in-depth look at key design considerations when selecting the details of cabinet doors. How does a particular panel perform within design trends? How can a bit of panel personalization take the look of a door from traditional to one-of-a-kind? And how might a paint or stain color work in harmony with its door, panel, and species selection to create a truly memorable result?

As you consider your next project, here’s how Medallion’s panel options might answer those questions.

Flat – Offering clean, transitional styling, flat panel door options are notably friendly to finishes, especially if a painted look is a crucial aspect in your design. Additionally, flat panels are great when cost is a key consideration.

Raised – Featuring solid construction and a traditional look, raised panel doors exude charm and timeless appeal bringing added comfort into the kitchen.

Reverse Raised – Blending clean styling and unmistakable quality, reverse raised panel doors offer an attractive option and ideal vehicle for stain finishes.

Specialty – Led by slab styles and distinctive looks, specialty panels work well in both modern and contemporary concepts. Depending on the wood species and features chosen, these doors offer appealing versatility that can define a room design.

Decorative – Brandishing glass, metal frames, and many other accents, decorative insert options provide the opportunity to make a statement by merging textures and materials. Applied with precision, these details can help homeowners showcase featured areas like a coffee or wine bar and add depth to the space.

Each of these door styles features its own unique appeal, but every one delivers broad design application. It’s why Medallion also offers our Pick-A-Panel option on many of our doors, allowing you to personalize a door with an interior panel style of your choosing.

When creating any new space with cabinetry, remember you’re not married to any design fundamentals. Whether it’s selecting a door style or any other design option, mixing and matching styles to create memorable looks is a personal choice, and why we encourage designers and homeowners to be creative.

For more guidance on selecting your kitchen’s door selections, contact your local Medallion dealer.