Creating Signature Looks with Finish Select

Whether you are designing an entire kitchen or creating a custom furniture piece for a client, the right finish is key to bringing it all together. Most often, you’ll be able to create what a client is looking for based on Medallion’s standard finish offerings. However, there will be times when a client is looking for a specific color that might not be available on the door style she likes, or maybe she’s looking for a custom paint color to match a piece of furniture already in her home.

In instances like these, Medallion’s Finish Select Program* for Platinum and Gold products may be the answer. It allows your clients to create signature finishes to complete the looks they love.

Here’s how you can put this program to work to create one-of-a-kind designs that set you apart.

The Finish Select Program
Each step in the process helps to create a unique look.

  1. Base Color: Stain, paint or Coastal Sheer.
  2. Glaze Option: Glaze color or no glaze.
  3. Glaze Application: Glaze only, highlight only, glaze with highlight on paint, glaze with highlight on stain and Costal Sheer.
  4. Taupe Dry Brush.
  5. Distressing: Heirloom, Antique, Legacy or no distressing.

Finish Considerations

Enhancing a paint or stain. Most stains and classic paints have a predetermined sheen. Applying a dry brush technique, or a glaze or highlight can give cabinetry an entirely different look and change the feel of a room.

Timing your project. A little extra time is needed to create the finish sample. No additional time is needed when the order is placed.

Be mindful of color trends. For a client who wants to combine a cherry stain with bold, lime green doors in her kitchen, consider designing the cabinet boxes in cherry and the doors in lime green so the doors can be easily changed out later if she wants to do that.

Create other room cabinetry. A custom paint is a great choice for smaller pieces such as a bathroom vanity or a stand-alone cabinet for the kitchen or entry hall.

Comparing Costs

While certain techniques do have an upcharge; the cost to your client may be minimal in the long run. For example, if your client wants a tone of gray paint that Medallion doesn’t offer, the upcharge is 24% to create a custom color. However, based on the fact that there is an 8% charge for selecting a standard paint color, the difference comes to just 16% which could turn out to be less expensive than other options they may be considering.

Requesting a Sample

Before placing a Finish Select order, you must order a door sample and submit a Finish Select agreement. Four samples are created: one for the showroom, one for your client, one stays with the order while it is being generated and one is on file with Medallion. Sample charges include the cost of shipping.

We suggest displaying your Finish Select samples in your showroom for other clients to consider. You can submit multiple orders based on the same sample for up to 180 days. The Finish Select agreement and sample order form are available for download from theHUB.

Meeting your clients’ needs is priority one. Medallion’s Finish Select Program can give you a clear advantage and makes you a hero in the eyes of your customers.

DESIGNERS: Please see your Gold or Platinum Specifications Guides for complete program details.

*Formerly referred to as the Stain Select Program.