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Flexibility. It’s a critical component of any project plan, but it’s particularly vital when trying to achieve the delicate balance between design and budget.

That’s why Medallion has made flexibility a core principle of our portfolio. Not only do we offer a multitude of appealing, on-trend choices, but we offer them across three unique product lines. This way, designers and homeowners have the power to choose the products they want, identify where premium customization opportunities lie, so they can create a personalized look and still meet their budget.

While all three product lines come with the promise of 50 years of quality Medallion craftsmanship, a lifetime limited warranty, available all-plywood construction, and standard soft-close doors and drawers, there are some key differences that can help you make better choices. Meet Medallion Platinum, Gold, and Silverline.

(Silverline) Walton in Gray Owl and Celeste, Winston in Smoke Ebony Highlight on hickory

(Platinum) Loxley in Cappuccino with Burnt Sienna Glaze & Highlight on cherry; Amesbury Chai Latte

As our premium offering, Platinum features standard all-plywood cabinetry, our entire selection of finishes, and the most modifications, accessories, and design capabilities offered in our portfolio. The inset construction is what sets this line apart; with doors and drawers sitting flush within a ¾” of the face frame offering a timeless furniture appearance and accentuating the craftsmanship that goes into every cabinet.

(Silverline) Walton in Gray Owl and Celeste, Winston in Smoke Ebony Highlight on hickory

(Gold) Monona Reverse Raised Panel in Night Sky on cherry and Monona Flat Panel in Magnolia on maple

Much like Platinum, the Gold line excels with a broad palette of paints, stains, hand-applied finish techniques and vast customization opportunities. This line offers the option of a framed construction in both full and half overlay doors as well as the unique option to select the center panel type in most doors (Read more about panel types here.) Cabinets are built with ¾” solid wood face frames and standard ½” laminated furniture board construction or can be upgraded to ½” maple plywood.

(Silverline) Walton in Gray Owl and Celeste, Winston in Smoke Ebony Highlight on hickory

(Silverline) Walton in Gray Owl and Celeste, Winston in Smoke with Ebony Highlight on hickory

Defined by lasting, confirmed design trends, and unmistakable value, Silverline serves up styles homeowners love at prices they’re looking for. With an offering of helpful modifications, commonly requested accessories, our most sought-after door styles and finishes to choose from, Silverline delivers what you need in our most budget-friendly lineup.

Whichever line you choose, you can achieve the look and function you are reaching for with Medallion. Balancing personal style and the bottom line can help inform why you should choose one product line over another. Mixing and matching items between lines is a fantastic way to target the colors and options you desire while staying within budget and achieving any design dream.

Read more more about Medallion’s three terrific product lines, find customization opportunities, or locate a Medallion dealer near you to get your project underway.