Oak Brook, IL. – June 2015 – Medallion® Cabinetry, an Elkay cabinet manufacturing brand, has launched a variety of new design options inspired by nature.

“As we created these new options, we looked to nature, where you can find an infinite number of colors, patterns and textures,” said Kristi Howard, Product Manager for Elkay. “Homeowners want a kitchen that’s unique to them, and with the exciting new door styles, finishes and storage solutions we’ve added to the Medallion line, we are giving designers the tools they need to deliver on that.”

For the first time in Medallion history, designers can choose a door style and center panel to create their own unique style. “The kitchen is such a personal space to homeowners that they feel like it’s a reflection of themselves,” said Howard. “With raised, reverse raised, flat and beaded panels available on 28 door styles, these options give designers the tools they need to offer the customization homeowners want.”

Another major element of the new Medallion launch is the new finishing technique seen in The Stoney Brook Collection. The Stoney Brooke Collection is a new collection of textured finishes inspired by nature’s beauty creating a subtle texture you can feel. The four new Stoney Brooke finishes, Greystone, Cobblestone, Boulder and Shale, range from warm browns to grays and are named after the natural elements that inspired the look.

In addition to the Stoney Brooke Collection, Medallion is adding new paints, stains and glaze options. Smoke is a translucent black stain with gray undertones and available on all wood species.  Pewter is a gray highlight that accentuates select painted doors. Irish Cream, which has a soft gray hue, and Chai Latte, which has a subtle taupe hue are two new classic paints available on maple. While Medallion will be eliminating Wheat, Cashew and Sesame from the line early next year, it is adding two news stains for all wood species: Sandalwood and Tumbleweed.

“The trend is shifting away from the orange/red shades towards a warmer brown/gray tone,” said Howard. “These new options are sure to bring a warmth and distinction to any home.”

The glaze options available on stains and paints offer three techniques: glazing, highlighting and a combination of both. Glazing involves spraying glaze over a base stain or paint color, then wiping off by hand, changing the base color and appearance and adding depth.  Highlighting involves hand brushing a glaze on doors, molding and accessories to accent and define detail without changing the overall base color.  Combining glaze and highlight offers the best of both worlds: glazing to change the base color and highlighting to define details on doors, moldings and accessories. “With so many options, you are virtually guaranteed a unique look for your kitchen,” said Howard.

Medallion’s Stain Select Program brings all these elements together and has evolved to a new level with more options. In addition to Medallion’s standard stains, now Classic Paint, Custom Color and Coastal sheer colors can be used as the base material. Once a door style and species is chosen, designers follow these steps:

  1. Pick a finish.
  2. Pick a glaze.
  3. Pick an accent application (glaze only, highlight or glaze and highlight).
  4. Add drybrush. (Light dry-brushed taupe accents are available on any base color.)
  5. Pick a style of distressing. In addition to Antique and Legacy distressing, Medallion is now offering Heirloom distressing which features machine dents and sand through.
  6. Pick a sheen (satin or semi-gloss).

About Elkay

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